Food & Wine

Starters (first course)

Risotto with radicchio and orange
Tagliatelle with peppers
Cannelloni stuffed with ricotta cheese
Rise timbale with caponata
Farfalle (bow pasta) with grilled vegetables
Risotto with prawns (tiger jumbo shrimp) and pink grapefruit
Spaghetti with ricotta cheese
Paella with fish
Garibaldi's cap
Mimosa penne and artichokes
Rustics penne
Risotto with pinto beans and savoy cabbage
Potatoes flan (gattò or gateaux)
Ravioli stuffed with squash
Risotto with radicchio (red leafed chicory)
Spaghetti alla chitarra with rolls of meat
Farfalle (pasta) with shrimps
Fettuccine (noodles) with meat sauce
Cannelloni filled with vegetables

Main courses




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