Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tagliatelle with peppers

This first course is really easy and quick to prepare, it's ideal for those who have little time to spend in the kitchen, but can hardly give up the pleasure of a good plate of pasta.

Serves 4


Tagliatelle (pasta) 320 g (11,29 oz)
Red pepper 1
Yellow pepper 1
Onion 1
Ricotta cheese 250 g (8,82 oz)
Toasted slivered almonds 30 grams (1,06 oz)
A bunch of basil
Olive oil 3 tablespoons
Salt and pepper to taste

Clean the peppers and cut them into cubes (pic. 1). Finely chop the onion, put it in a pan and sauté in olive oil (pic. 2). Then add the peppers (pic. 3), cover and cook for about 15 minutes. In a pot, bring plentiful salted water to a boil.
Put the ricotta cheese in a large mixing bowl and knead it with a wooden spoon, add a pinch of salt and pepper, a drizzle of olive oil and the basil leaves (pic. 4-5). Boil the tagliatelle, drain them al dente preserving a bit of the cooking water, pour them into the bowl with the ricotta cheese and mix (pic. 6), adding a few spoonful of the cooking water kept aside. Complete with the peppers and the almonds, stir and serve.
P.s.: Are you in a hurry? Then you can also use frozen grilled peppers, cut them into small pieces and cook them for a few minutes.

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